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Our employees safety is our  responsibility, so we require constant awareness to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. With safety as a core value, we nurture a culture that protects our employees, visitors and everyone who calls the areas around our work sites “home.”

We start with the belief that all accidents and injuries are preventable. Zero is the only acceptable number of incidents — and we work continuously toward that goal. Our safety plans are comprehensive and prioritized by every member of our team, from our principals to the managers in the field. We identify and manage risk through recognition, evaluation, education and action. And we live the plan every day with training, accountability and consistent interaction.

Job-specific safety plans, devised during the design phase, are constantly adapted to real time conditions, operations and behavioral tracking data. As construction progresses, equipment management and critical lift plans are important components of our safety efforts, illustrative of our company-wide commitment to the wellbeing of our workforce.

Our unyielding focus on safety benefits clients too. A safe site means a well-organized project that stays on schedule and engenders an environment where high quality standards are met.