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An accurate pre-construction effort will lead to a project’s overall success. When creating a pre-construction plan, Palace Builders LLC strategy is to identify options; assist the Owner with making informed, educated decisions; develop an efficient project management system to address everyday challenges; and achieve schedule, quality and cost goals – all while minimizing Owner risk.  Successful pre-construction, like most other phases, is accomplished when there is honest, open communication between all parties involved in the project. This begins with the Owner, architects, engineers, and the construction manager/general contractor, and, project subcontractors and consultants, oversight agencies, community boards, and the general public. 

During the early stages of a project the plan for field implementation can be generated, tested, and confirmed, all before the shovel is put into the ground. Our most successful projects are those assembled in this manner. At a minimum, this will require the discussion of, and planning for, design and constructability review, existing conditions surveys (when applicable), building material recommendations and selection, project site logistics plans, permitting, coordination with local utilities and public transportation (when applicable), confirmation of plans to meet MWLBE staffing and LEED Certification goals, the review and hiring of subcontractors, and identification and solicitation of early bid and pre-purchasing opportunities.

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